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• Why do I have to pay claims excess / deductible?

Answer:- The policy excess is the amount that the Insured is responsible to pay in an event of a loss or damage. {The Insurer pays the difference}.
It is usually a percentage of the sum insured of the item on which the claim is being made or a percentage ofthe claim.
The excess is deemed a deterrent, as it places some responsibility on the Insured to act in such a way at all times to prevent losses. It also reduces “small claims” which is considered insignificant that would otherwise lead to higher administrative cost and subsequently higher premiums.

• Why have I been paying Insurance all these years without making a claim and still required to pay high premiums?

Answer:- The saying applies:- “the premiums of the many, pay for the claims of the few”.
Your premiums form part of a pool of funds that are used to pay for incidents that the members of the pool incur.
Even though you may not have a claim, the company compensates you by applying what is call a “No Claim Discount” {NCO} to your renewal premium.

• If I make a claim for windscreen damage, will it affect my insurance premium?

Answer:- Provided that there is no other damage to the body ofthe vehicle, your insurance premium will NOT be affected.

What To Do In The Event Of a Major Peril eg:- Flood, Hurricane, Fire
(Non-Motor Claims)

• Photograph the damaged areas and items.
• Secure premises / items for inspection and prevent further loss or damage.
• Report loss to us as soon as possible (This MUST be done within 30 days).
• For building damage:- Obtain an estimate from a reputable builder /contractor.
• For contents damage:- Prepare an inventory of lost / damaged items to include purchase prices, repair estimate and or proforma invoices.
• Keep invoices for items purchased.

What To Do When You Have a Motor Vehicle Accident.

• Ensure you obtain all information from the Third Party involved.
• Report matter to the nearest Police Station.
• Visit our office immediately with copy of driver’s licence, registration certificate & fitness.
• Complete Accident Report Form.
• Obtain an Estimate of Repairs.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen.

• Report the matter to the nearest Police Station.
• Contact us immediately (within 30 days) to complete an Incident Form.
• Ensure that you have the original Certificate of Fitness, Registration Certificate and Title.
• If documents were stolen, this should be reported to the Police and substitutes obtained from the Collector of Taxes.
• Have the Title endorsed and partially transferred at the Tax Office for submission to us.

N .B:- Insurers will appoint an investigator and the process should take approximately 6-8 weeks for settlement.

What To Do For Vehicle Windscreen or Glass-Breakage.

• The matter must be reported to us immediately (within 30 days) and have damaged vehicle available for inspection.
• Current Registration of Fitness, Certificate of Registration and Driver’s Licence WILL be needed.
• Supply to us a proforma invoice for replacement.

N.B:- The process should take approx. 2 working days for settlement, provided that premiums are paid.