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Whenever a loss occurs, that is when the efficacy of the insurance programme arranged and the value of the broker’s services are truly tested. We strongly and vigorously represent the interests of our clients whenever there is a loss, to ensure that they obtain the full indemnity or benefit promised under the insurance policy. However, the first step in ensuring a smooth claims process is to get the coverage right at the outset. Most claims problem result from poor coverage advice.

The claims process:

  • Claims are reported directly to Spectrum Insurance Brokers.
  • Consultative evaluation will be conducted with client and/or representative to determine best course of action.
  • We follow up to ensure that all supporting documentation such as claim form, estimates etc. are obtained and forwarded to insurers.
  • Upon request,  we assist the client in pursuing a claim with a third party or insurer in situations where the third party is responsible for the damage or loss to our client’s property.
  • We act on behalf of the client to obtain timely interim and final claim payments.
  • We assist in negotiations with client including settlement discussions and/or other necessary communications with insurance carriers.
  • We monitor all claims to a conclusion, to ensure that claims are handled in a timely manner with the best possible outcomes for our clients.