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• Why do I have to pay claims excess / deductible?

Answer:- The policy excess is the amount that the Insured is responsible to pay in an event of a loss or damage. {The Insurer pays the difference}.
It is usually a percentage of the sum insured of the item on which the claim is being made or a percentage of the claim.
The excess is deemed a deterrent, as it places some responsibility on the Insured to act in such a way at all times to prevent losses. It also reduces “small claims” which is considered insignificant that would otherwise lead to higher administrative cost and subsequently higher premiums.

• Why have I been paying Insurance all these years without making a claim and still required to pay high premiums?

Answer:- The saying applies:- “the premiums of the many, pay for the claims of the few”.
Your premiums form part of a pool of funds that are used to pay for incidents that the members of the pool incur.
Even though you may not have a claim, the company compensates you by applying what is call a “No Claim Discount” {NCO} to your renewal premium.

• If I make a claim for windscreen damage, will it affect my insurance premium?

Answer:- Provided that there is no other damage to the body of the vehicle, your insurance premium will NOT be affected.

What To Do In The Event Of a Major Peril eg:- Flood, Hurricane, Fire
(Non-Motor Claims)

• Photograph the damaged areas and items.
• Secure premises / items for inspection and prevent further loss or damage.
• Report loss to us as soon as possible (This MUST be done within 30 days).
• For building damage:- Obtain an estimate from a reputable builder /contractor.
• For contents damage:- Prepare an inventory of lost / damaged items to include purchase prices, repair estimate and or proforma invoices.
• Keep invoices for items purchased.

What To Do When You Have a Motor Vehicle Accident.

• Ensure you obtain all information from the Third Party involved.
• Report matter to the nearest Police Station.
• Visit our office immediately with copy of driver’s license, registration certificate & fitness.
• Complete Accident Report Form.
• Obtain an Estimate of Repairs.

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen.

• Report the matter to the nearest Police Station.
• Contact us immediately (within 30 days) to complete an Incident Form.
• Ensure that you have the original Certificate of Fitness, Registration Certificate and Title.
• If documents were stolen, this should be reported to the Police and substitutes obtained from the Collector of Taxes.
• Have the Title endorsed and partially transferred at the Tax Office for submission to us.

N .B:- Insurers will appoint an investigator and the process should take approximately 6-8 weeks for settlement.

What To Do For Vehicle Windscreen or Glass-Breakage.

• The matter must be reported to us immediately (within 30 days) and have damaged vehicle available for inspection.
• Current Registration of Fitness, Certificate of Registration and Driver’s License WILL be needed.
• Supply to us a proforma invoice for replacement.

N.B:- The process should take approx. 2 working days for settlement, provided that premiums are paid.

Does my insurance carry a “Grace Period” ?

Not at all. In respect of Motor Insurance, the Law does not allow for a gap between the date of expiry of your Certificate of Insurance and its renewal. You must always have a current insurance certificate or cover note.
In respect of Property insurance, while it is not subject to any regulation, the insurance cover also ceases on the date of expiry and must be renewed for cover to continue.

Can I hand over my insurance cover to the purchaser of my car?

No. An insurance contract is personal and specific to you. Once you dispose of your ownership of the car, your insurance ceases automatically. Any such transaction would not be valid.

Why do I have to answer personal questions such as the source of funds used to purchase the property I wish to insure?

Jamaica is party to international agreements aimed at eliminating the incidence of Money Laundering. All insurance transactions are now subject to completion of the Know Your Customer (KYC) form by Law.